Best Rate Guarantee rates are charged at the point of booking in full. The card which is used must be present at check in at the hotel for verification. If this is not possible you may pay with another card or cash on arrival. You can also contact the hotel prior to check in and arrange a bank transfer as an alternative to avoid card fees. We will normally send you an invoice with banking details and use the card only as a guarantee. Please also note that all non-refundable bookings are non-transferable.

Flexible Rate-Pay Later Rates mean that payment will be made on arrival to the hotel. The hotel reserves the right to pre-authorise the card for one night in order to verify funds only. Cancellations for Flexible rates must be made 5 days prior to arrival by midday.  Otherwise the cancellation fee will be the total amount.

All Prices are per night, per room and are inclusive of VAT. All card transactions are subject to a 3% surcharge however this can be fully refunded should you wish to pay with cash or bank transfer.